Treasure hunt for Rosemount kids

Children in Rosemount are being invited to join in a giant treasure hunt today across 35 shops in the area.

Pupils from Rosemount’s schools will have to find a letter in each shop window to piece together a phrase to win an Easter egg and a £20 voucher for a participating store.The winner will be drawn at random from the correct entries.

The hunt has been organised by community group Growing Rosemount, a collective of shop owners and members of the public who regularly organise events in the area.

Sally Simpson of Growing Rosemount said: “This will be heaps of fun for the kids. It’s always great to see people out and about together visiting all of Rosemount’s shops.

“It’s a bit more difficult this year as we’ve had more shops joining in so we’ve had to find a bigger phrase!”

It is hoped that the treasure hunt will re-invigorate the area’s community spirit after recent news that Rosemount Adult learning and community centre was to close.

Owner of Cloudy Blue craft shop Linda Singer said: “It’s a great opportunity for children and families to have a good look round the area. It will also give our shops a chance to show people what we’re all about.”

Over 1000 entry forms have been sent to the shops and schools of Rosemount and participants have until the 18th of April to hand them in.

The winner will be drawn on Tuesday the 19th.

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Community council seeks new chairman.

Rosemount Community Council chairman announced that he wishes to retire from his post last night.

Willie Jaffray, 72 has served as chairman for several years but now feels that his other community commitments prevent him from being able to concentrate on his post.

Due to lack of interest however there is currently no council member willing to take over the post.

Unwilling to leave the council without a chairman Willie is not confident in finding a replacement soon.

He said: “I’m happy to do it, but at 72 I think i’ve done enough.”

Vice Chairman George Duncan said: “There’s a lack of interest in the community. I was the chairman previously and there are just not enough members.

“Local people only come when there’s an issue, but there’s day to day things that we need to support of the community with.”

Rosemount Community Council comprises of an average of five community councillors and two regular members of the public.

Rosemount Review is interviewing Willie Jaffray about the community’s issues tomorrow.


By Davy Shanks

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Objections to Triple Kirks development.

Rosemount Community Council rejected new plans to develop the derelict Triple Kirks site last night.

The community council concluded that the new designs were “not in keeping with the area”.

Vice-chair George Duncan described the plans as “a monstrosity.”

Developers Stewart Milne propose to build a seven storey structure composed of glass and granite that would retain the church spire but leave it standing between the modern buildings.

They conversion will provide almost 7000sq metres of office space and over 50 parking places in the city centre.

Stewart Milne claim the plans will create “a landmark building worthy of occupying Aberdeen’s most renowned gap site.”

Much of the original church buildings were demolished in the 1970’s and has since sat in ruin.

Triple Kirks is so named from the three churches that shared the spire at the centre of these plans.

The plans are available to view at the Stewart Milne website.

The spire remains visible amongst 7 storeys of glass offices.

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‘One Way’ system for Chapel St and Rose St.

Proposals to implement a ‘one way’ system on Chapel St and Rose St were announced at Rosemount community council last night.

The system would allow traffic to flow only towards Union St.

Councillor Bill Cormie said he was confident that the plans would be approved to tackle the “horrendous” traffic situation.

Rose St and Chapel St run parallel into Union St as it meets Holburn St.

If you have been affected by the traffic on Rose or Chapel St let us know your thoughts!

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“Dangerous” Victoria Park Glasshouses to be demolished.

Children visiting Victoria Park will no longer risk injury after the council announced that plans to demolish the glasshouses would finally go ahead two years after first announcing them.
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Concerns over the safety of the glasshouses were first raised to Rosemount Community Council after bad weather left many of the panes broken and dangerous.

Chairman Willie Jaffray said: “The condition has really become a problem especially after the recent winter. I worry that kids or dogs could get in and they could be cut, or even that the roof could fall in on them.”

Councillor Jenny Laing defended the council’s delay: “It is unfortunate that it has taken so long but it all really comes down to budget and in this case it has not been a priority site.

“The hope is that we can gain support in the community and use the area for something like an allotment scheme.”

The houses were previously used to grow plants for parks and gardens across Aberdeen but growing maintenance costs have meant plants being bought in  from warmer climates and have since sat unused.

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New plans revealed for Broadford Works mill site.

The people of Rosemount were given a chance to view new plans to add a further 55 flats to the proposed development of the derelict Richard’s textile mill site.

The completed development will consist of almost 400 flats half of which are conversions of grade A listed buildings  including the iconic concrete and red brick chimneys that dominate the Rosemount skyline.

Broadford Works has sat empty since work at the mill was moved to a new site on the outskirts of Aberdeen in 2003. The plans have recieved a mixed response from the community who are concerned about the effect such an influx of people will have on the Rosemount community.

Community Council Chairman Willie Jaffray said: “Our schools are stretched with budget cuts as it is. You can’t bring hundreds of families into an area without giving the community the facilities to cope.”

But Stephen Barker of architects Halliday, Fraser and Monro defended the proposals: “We’ve had overwhelming support from the community and the community councils. There is alot of concern about the condition of the mills and the fact that they’re being used by undesirables who are living there.”

Local resident Fiona Musk said “It is becoming a bit of an eyesore so I think it will have a positive effect on the area.”

At its peak in the 1930’s the mill employed around 3000 people producing flax and other textiles for export around the world.

After this public consultation stage the new plans will be sent to the council’s planning department for approval.





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