Objections to Triple Kirks development.

Rosemount Community Council rejected new plans to develop the derelict Triple Kirks site last night.

The community council concluded that the new designs were “not in keeping with the area”.

Vice-chair George Duncan described the plans as “a monstrosity.”

Developers Stewart Milne propose to build a seven storey structure composed of glass and granite that would retain the church spire but leave it standing between the modern buildings.

They conversion will provide almost 7000sq metres of office space and over 50 parking places in the city centre.

Stewart Milne claim the plans will create “a landmark building worthy of occupying Aberdeen’s most renowned gap site.”

Much of the original church buildings were demolished in the 1970’s and has since sat in ruin.

Triple Kirks is so named from the three churches that shared the spire at the centre of these plans.

The plans are available to view at the Stewart Milne website.


The spire remains visible amongst 7 storeys of glass offices.


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3 Responses to Objections to Triple Kirks development.

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  2. Stewart Milne’s plans for the Triple Kirks site are dreadful and if this hideous, unimaginative, oversized, ugly monstrosity is allowed to go ahead, it will destroy the beauty and sense of place of the whole area. It must be a joke!

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